The difference between the initial disability decision and an appeal

The difference between the initial Arkansas disability decision and an appeal

Arkansas Disability Appeals LawyerThe biggest difference between the initial determination of a Social Security disability claim and an appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge is shown by the statistics. Approximately 35% of claims are approved at the initial determination, and approximately 65% are denied. If a claim is denied, the chances of being approved at the reconsideration stage are even lower: only 15% of claims are approved on reconsideration. However, once claims get to the appeal hearing level, most claims are approved.

Not only are the results different, the entire process is different.

Both the initial disability claim and a request for reconsideration are decided by people from an Arkansas state agency, and they do this solely by reading your claim and your medical records. That is, they do not meet with you to hear directly from you.

However, at an appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge you can appear in person and bring witnesses and an attorney. As a result, the Administrative Law Judge learns much more about your situation and your disability.

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